Paul Elijas

Paul in a suit in front of a restaurant in London

Hi, I'm Paul!

I work at early stage companies at the intersection of product, growth, and brand

Early stage companies and the challenges that come with creating stuff that no one ever created before is what keeps me up at night.

In various roles, I’ve lead top-of-funnel marketing teams, developed brand and growth strategies, and helped raise $10m in venture capital. Recently I’ve been trained in UI/UX design by a designer friend from Amazon.

I’m also a content creator. With my podcast Up Next I try to inspire fellow young people to go their own ways. I also share thoughts and lessons on Twitter and sporadically write essays for my blog.

If you want to work with me, I’m open to advisory positions (especially at consumer tech companies) and offer sponsorship slots for my Podcast and Twitter.

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What they say about me

“Few care like Paul does” - Kevin (Director CS, Bloomtech) “I see plenty of my younger self in Paul” - Jeremy (CEO, uSERP) “This looks amazing” - Janice (Community, Pineapple)
“I love working on shit w/ Paul” - Brian (WeWork) “He’s got an impressive entrepreneurial gene” - Julius (Executive Coach) “Paul constantly performs on a high level” - Marc (CEO, Mokom 01)
“He has such a high level of dedication” - Caleb (Apple) “Working w/ Paul is always amazing” - Jens (COO, Passionfroot) “I thoroughly enjoyed working with him” - Michelle (Apple)

Hi, I'm Paul!

I work at the intersection of brand, marketing, and product

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